A Speaking Engagement

///A Speaking Engagement

A Speaking Engagement

Adam Dovell, a senior commissioning authority here at WorkingBuildings, recently presented at the International Sustainable Asset Management Conference. Adam has been an employee of WorkingBuildings for eight years; he’s a professional engineer with numerous certifications: certified energy manager, building energy modeling professional, and LEED accredited professional. His background includes energy auditing, energy modeling, retro-commissioning, commissioning, and construction management projects for a wide range of building types. Adam leverages his unique skills and his varied experience in the building industry to provide an array of solutions for existing building projects—whether it’s system optimization, energy reduction, retro-commissioning, life-cycle cost analysis, or energy conservation measure implementation.

Adam’s presentation focused on retro-commissioning and the capital benefits. The basic premise of his talk was this: If more than half of all energy consumed in commercial buildings is used for HVAC and lighting systems, how much of this energy is actually deployed to a meaningful end? The answer is that building energy performance can be improved substantially by turning off unnecessary equipment, resetting system operating parameters, and optimizing building performance with intelligent building control systems. His presentation further explored ways to identify building performance issues through building monitoring, optimization through automation, and restore/maintain building performance through retro-commissioning. Median payback of costs associated with retro-commissioning is, on average, only 1.1 years according to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and can be even shorter for high-energy consuming facilities.

Adam shared WorkingBuildings’ truly holistic approach to retro-commissioning and how such a total view is necessary in order to maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort. For more information on the presentation, or to discuss retro-commissioning and energy-related matters, feel free to contact Adam through www.workingbuildings.com

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