Evolution of our Company Name

///Evolution of our Company Name

Evolution of our Company Name

Our story begins when new building turnover did not necessarily mean a working building. Technological advances led to increased specialization. The traditional roles had splintered into many narrowly defined responsibilities, which resulted in project teams with no centralized or integrated quality control. So, we formed a company to take on lagging building performance and help struggling Owners resolve issues. To address these shortcomings, we offered an early form of commissioning and optimization services. Over time, we addressed shortcomings in the delivery of complex building programs and incorporated processes ranging from the development of the Basis of Design, design alignment, building and systems design reviews, continuous construction quality control to our commissioning services. And we called ourselves WorkingBuildings.

WorkingBuildings quickly solidified a reputation as the go-to consultant for the built environment. Increasing regulatory requirements across market sectors demanded more diverse expertise to help owners. The industry was evolving, and so were we. Soon, clients from research laboratories were calling on us; clients from regulated medical manufacturing were reaching out; clients with sustainability concerns wanted to know how we could help. With each new contract, we recruited individuals with the skills and knowledge to solve our clients’ problems. What we discovered is that varying perspectives and expertise are valuable, even crucial, to solving the more complex problems. In no time at all, our team comprised engineers, architects, medical professionals, risk-safety personnel, laboratory technicians, construction managers, energy managers, sustainability experts, and O+M personnel.

What do you call a company with such a collection of expertise? The name WorkingBuildings didn’t tell the whole story. In fact, the name was misleading, even insufficient. We were doing so much more. We decided to organize the company by expertise and named the branches to reflect them: WorkingLaboratories, WorkingHospitals, WorkingFacilities, and WorkingSustainability. This made sense for a while. Our projects fit neatly into these categories. Experts worked in their related fields and our clients were happy. But then it happened. We started to notice crossover.

At first, it was simple. Someone from our WorkingLaboratories division would be asked to offer input on a hospital project, or vice versa. Before we knew it, we were offering compliance oversight, construction management, commissioning, and O+M support on the same project. Mixed groups worked together to create a unit much stronger than the sum of its parts. Variety of expertise and perspective had always been proud characteristics of the WorkingBuildings’ way, but we were now offering input and solutions to Owners in a truly comprehensive way.

The question came up again: What do you call a company with such a collection of expertise? While we are one company, we’re not simply one company. We’re a group of companies that can provide uninterrupted service. We are the WorkingBuildings Group of Companies—a collection of specialists from various disciplines who focus their insights on creating solutions for mission-specific facilities. We provide the continuity and performance the industry has always demanded.

We organized the company into eight divisions:

WB | Laboratories

WB | Healthcare

WB | Clinical

WB | Commissioning

WB | Transitional

WB | Global Advisory

WB | Natural Resources

WB | CxAlloy

Almost twenty years ago, WorkingBuildings was formed to translate the Owners’ intent into a working program. We can guide Owners through design; construction and start-up; and operations of facilities. Gradually, our services have expanded beyond buildings and we are now able to guide clients through a development cycle, which extends to master planning, risk analysis, portfolio management, negotiation, and execution. We have created a company with the capabilities and depth of our technical expertise to fill a tremendous void in the market. The WorkingBuildings Group of Companies is a new model of efficiency and productivity.

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