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We provide solutions for the emerging needs in an evolving industry—from operating rooms to compounding pharmacies, our efforts ensure patient safety and comfort while adhering to the necessary regulatory compliance.


Building Facility

  • Perform building forensics

  • Conduct deferred Needs Assessment

  • Determine and create ideal building performance characteristics

  • Serve as construction management advisors

  • Provide transitional services

Building Systems

  • Conduct engineering systems risk assessment

  • Perform commissioning

  • Lead systems optimization response

  • Provide fault analysis

  • Deploy rapid response team

  • Train O+M Staff

Compliance Support

  • Confirm ability to meet USP <797>, <800>, <823>

  • Provide JCAHO inspection preparation support

  • Develop SOPs for operational mandates and laboratory services

  • Conduct EH&S audits and inspections

  • Infection control support­


What our clients have to say

We were impressed with your ‘going beyond expectation’ mentality in the testing procedures and upfront involvement in Design and Development. The detailed look your company does into our project as it progresses is phenomenal and it shows by the detailed recommendation and deficiencies found and the follow up. Truly this is value to our projects.
Don Gay, Director of Facility, Engineering & Safety Management, Tift Regional Medical Center
Your meeting with us to clarify our goals and objectives before the project started helped us identify several opportunities outside of commissioning activities. The goals have been successfully achieved and the results have exceeded expectations…
William Alton, Vice President, Facilities & Construction Management, Mountain States Health Alliance
“Their work has included: Collaborative design reviews for MEP systems that identified and reconciled code issues, system functionality concerns, and inter-trade coordination issues…. Identified shared points of failure for redundant systems and worked with our design team to eliminate them prior to construction…. Worked with our construction team to integrate commissioning activities into the overall project schedule…. I have been most impressed with Working Buildings and am pleased to provide this recommendation….”
Jim Seguin, Director of Engineering, Houston Healthcare

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