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We provide the seamless delivery of research and diagnostic laboratories–services include commissioning, qualification, operations, and re-verification. Our processes ensure the controlled operating environment meets the mission of the space.


Building Facility

  • Conduct lab EH&S risk assessment

  • Perform commissioning

  • Provide re-verification

  • Conduct training for scientists, administrators, and support staff

  • Determine and create ideal building performance characteristics

  • Assess and document deferred maintenance needs

  • Provide transitional services

Building Systems

  • Conduct engineered system risk assessment

  • Perform commissioning

  • Respond to existing systems optimization needs

  • Provide monitoring services for energy management and alarm response

  • Confirm space environmental conditions

  • Conduct fault analysis

  • Provide rapid response teams

  • Train O+M Staff

Compliance Support

  • Confirm ability to meet regulatory platforms necessary to operate

  • Provide mock inspections

  • Provide verifiable audit trail for documentation

  • Develop SOPs for operational mandates and laboratory services

  • Conduct EH&S audits and inspections


What our clients have to say

I would highly recommend Michael Weiss and WorkingBuildings as one of the country’s best technical laboratory infrastructure and safety groups. He and his team are a pleasure to work with, and function as a group dedicated to providing valuable laboratory technical and operational consulting, along with the necessary BSL3 commissioning expertise.
Dennis Flynn, NJPHEAL
WorkingBuildings has accomplished the task of bringing this very complicated project on paper to a working solution in the field along with our architectural and engineering teams. Their knowledge of the function of laboratory work flow and its engineering intricacies, including PCR suites and BSL3 laboratories, was certainly put to the test in our project, and WB passed with flying colors!
Dr. Louise Dufour-Zavala, Executive Director, Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network

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