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Arnold and Mabel Beckman Research Center – City of Hope

Los Angeles, California
Size: 119,000 SF

The five-story, self-contained, and integrated facility provides space for graduate student studies in cancer research. The areas of research include: laboratories for research and development of immune system-based cancer therapies; the Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation Translational Technologies Center (which includes T-cell production areas to manufacture immunotherapies on site for patient treatment); a radio pharmacy for diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicines; and the Cabilly-Riggs Academic Center, home to City of Hope’s Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences.


California Animal Health & Food Safety – South Valley

Davis, California
Size: 36,000 SF

WorkingBuildings is providing laboratory programming and commissioning services for the University of California – Davis to assist with the conceptualization and feasibility of the new veterinary lab.

The CAHFS (California Animal Health & Food Safety) Laboratory System is the backbone of California’s warning system that helps to protect the health of California’s livestock and poultry. CAHFS serves the people of California by safeguarding public health with rapid and reliable diagnosis for animal diseases common to animals and humans, as well as food borne pathogens. CAHFS operates in partnership with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), UC Davis, veterinarians, livestock and poultry producers. In addition, food based surveillance is provided throughout California by CAHFS for all foreign animal diseases not currently found in the United States.


Carteret General Hospital

Moreland City, North Carolina
LEED Silver
Size: 115,000 SF

This project consists of a four-story, 110,000 SF expansion of an existing facility and upgrades to the existing central energy plant. The expansion program areas include emergency department imaging, laboratories, pharmacy, five (5) operating rooms, five (5) labor/delivery rooms, cystology, C-section, and 110 patient rooms.

WorkingBuildings was selected to perform commissioning services in the schematic design phase and has provided significant input to the team regarding system configurations, options to enhance reliability, and maintenance and code compliance. Currently the project design is at the 65% CD level.



Mossville, Illinois
Size: 1,500,000 SF

WorkingBuildings conducted condition assessments on six facilities at the 77-acre Caterpillar Technical Center campus in Mossville, Illinois. The six facilities totaled approximately 1.5 million square feet. The objective of the assessments was to ascertain the buildings’ remaining useful life, opportunities for energy and water efficiency gains, and potential operational improvements.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Atlanta, Georgia
Size: Roybal Campus

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services for the largest renovation and revitalization of the CDC’s main campus. This effort included construction of a new trans-shipping center, a campus infrastructure upgrade (which involved new power substations), turbine generation, and other major upgrades.



Multiple Locations

WorkingBuildings developed a comprehensive fundamental and enhanced commissioning program for Chick-Fil-A. Currently, we are the sole commissioning provider, and are providing services for new locations throughout the country. Chick-Fil-A hopes to achieve LEED certification for all of their newly constructed locations.


College Football Hall of Fame

Atlanta, Georgia
LEED NC v2009 Silver
Size: 70,000 SF

The College Football Hall of Fame is a 70,000 SF new construction museum building. The facility will feature highly interactive exhibits, a theater, and a parking deck. In addition to the 3-story museum, there is approximately 13,000 SF of office space included in the building. WorkingBuildings provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning services to help ensure the facility works as intended and achieves its LEED Certification goals.


Cox C-Tech

Sandy Springs, Georgia
LEED NC v2009 Gold
Size: 590,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided Fundamental and Enhance Commissioning for C-TECH, a pair of standard commercial office buildings built on top of 700,000 GSF parking deck podium on the existing Cox Village Campus located in Dunwoody, GA. A connector building provides guest check-in and offers a physical pedestrian connection between the towers. Amenities provided for employees include: fitness center, dining & kitchen, conference rooms, and ancillary support services. The facility will operate during normal business hours, and certain areas will be 24-7 operation. A network operation center occupies one floor of one tower, attendant with special systems for uninterrupted service.


David H. Murdock Research Institute

Kannapolis, North Carolina

The Clinical Division of WorkingBuildings operates and manages the David H. Murdock Research Institute vivarium. The animals in our care include immuno-compromised animals, non-human primates, and regular research rodents. Immuno-compromised animals require strict containment protocols, similar to BSL-3 laboratories. Our staff includes veterinarians, doctors, surgeons, animal technicians, and animal enrichment healthcare personnel. We also perform compliance services for the facility, including compliance and support for several large U.S. pharmaceutical companies who are co-located at the facility.


DC Consolidated Forensic Laboratory

Washington, D.C.
LEED NC v2.2 Platinum
Size: 300,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services for this multi-story facility that features a BSL-3 laboratory, high-containment autopsy, and a forensic biology (DNA analysis) laboratory. The Consolidated Forensic Laboratory is a cutting-edge, award-winning science facility designed to provide the District of Columbia with critical public safety and health science infrastructure. In addition, the facility is home to the Department of Forensic Sciences and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

The building is certified LEED Platinum. Efficiency-minded features include:

  • 30,000-square-foot green roof with vegetation and a hard runoff reclamation cistern that can reclaim two million gallons of rainwater per year
  • An energy-efficient building “skin” that uses coated glass to reduce heat load on the building
  • Chilled beam and heat recovery methods (enthalphy wheels) to maintain temperatures.

Duke University

Durham, North Carolina

The Clinical Division of WorkingBuildings is providing a wide range of operational and ongoing compliance services at the Duke University Carolinas Cord Public Blood Bank, and the Duke University Robertson Cell Therapy CGMP Manufacturing Center. We also serve Duke as the Engineering Controls subject matter expert (SME) for all Duke CGMP & CGTP manufacturing programs. Additionally, two of our professionals serve on the Duke Environmental Monitoring (EM) Committee. We were the Commissioning & Qualification Authority on the Carolinas Cord Blood Manufacturing Center PAI (US FDA DMPQ) that resulted in the approval of DuCord as a licensed product.


Emory University Health Sciences Research Laboratory

Atlanta, Georgia
LEED NC v2009 Silver
Size: 200,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning services for the new Emory Health Science Research Building. The facility, which is devoted to pediatric cancer research, features four floors of research laboratories (including a BSL-3 laboratory) and one floor of animal Vivarium. The project achieved its goal of LEED NC Silver certification.


Emory University Hospital J-Wing Expansion

Atlanta, Georgia
LEED Silver for Healthcare
Size: 460,000 SF

WorkingBuildings is providing commissioning services for the J-Wing expansion at Emory University Hospital. The project is currently in the construction phase. Our team developed the owner’s project requirements (OPR), wrote the commissioning specifications, and has performed design reviews.

The new J-Wing tower will be a nine-story facility that features 210 inpatient beds—a combination of new and existing beds that EUH will relocate from the current hospital building. The new tower will also feature patient care and various ancillary services. The J-Wing will sitt on an underground, four-level parking deck, which will provide 400 to 600 spaces.


Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters

Charlotte, North Carolina
Size: 175,947 SF

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services and LEED consulting for the FBI’s Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The overall commissioning process was successful, with all issues closed by the start of operation. This facility reached its goal of LEED Silver, with the support of our LEED and sustainability experts. Our commissioning authorities will return to the site throughout the warranty period to track any new issues.


General Services Administration Facility Condition Assessments

WorkingBuildings conducted condition assessments for the US General Service Administration in 40 facilities totaling 5,174,927 square feet. Based on the merit of our work, the GSA awarded us another contract (2015) for 7,286,126 square feet in 32 federal buildings. The WorkingBuildings’ teams have consistently exceeded GSA’s expectations on projects. Our efforts on the GSA fiscal year 2014 building condition assessment program received a rating of “very good.”


Georgia Poultry Laboratory

Oakwood, Georgia
Size: 36,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services for the new Georgia Poultry Laboratory. The main laboratory facility is 39,000-sq ft. The laboratory is made up of eight departments: Administration, NPIP, BSL3, Bacteriology, Necropsy, Histology, Serology, Virology Receiving and Media Preparation.

Over the course of the project, WorkingBuildings was asked to provide expanded services on multiple occasions to fill gaps in the design and construction team. Among these gaps were biosafety and SOP consulting, BSL-3 pre-certification, and assisting with the resolution of numerous design challenges. Throughout the project, the WB team was bio-containment expert and the backbone of the team.


Houston Healthcare Medical Center

Warner Robins, Georgia
Size: 22,419 SF

WorkingBuildings provided building commissioning services for the HVAC systems, building automation system, and lighting control system during the expansion and renovation of the Houston Healthcare Medical Center. Scope included design reviews, site observations and deficiency reports, a final commissioning report, and trending data for ORs.


Howard Office Building

Nashville, Tennessee
LEED NC 2.2 Silver
Size: 150,000 SF

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County retained WorkingBuildings to provide commissioning services for the Howard Office Building. Systems commissioned include the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The commissioning also included review of the design and construction documents, as required for LEED Certification.



Blue Ash, Ohio
Size: 14,724 SF

WorkingBuildings performed total building commissioning services for the new itelligence data center and office building, located in Blue Ash, Ohio. During the process, WorkingBuildings anticipated and eliminated many issues and created substantial savings by identifying potential RFIs and change orders that would have occurred later in the project. In addition, many of the problems WorkingBuildings identified will reduce costs associated with operations and maintenance, as well as help the facility to maintain uptime throughout operations.


John Deere

East Moline, Illinois
Size: 4,000,000 SF

WorkingBuildings is providing construction management and commissioning services for the Natural Gas Conversion project at the John Deere Company in East Moline, Illinois. This facility remains the one of the largest employers in the region and the global headquarters for the Harvester Division. John Deere Harvester Works is the largest, most modern combine manufacturing facility in the world. The factory, which comprises approximately 90 acres under one roof (around 4 million square feet), has been in production since 1913. Project details include the successful elimination of coal fired environmental and process energy conversion over to natural gas utility


Johnson City Medical Center Surgery Tower

Johnson City, Tennessee
LEED NC v2009 Silver
Size: 160,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning and LEED consulting for the expansion of Johnson City Medical Center. Throughout the commissioning process, we identified several major issues where our guidance was vital to the resolution. For example, we found that six of 16 operating rooms were found to have negative pressure against specification. Our investigation helped to find and correct the root cause. We also identified that all five AHUs had fire/smoke damper programming issues. Our team helped with the reprogramming process to ensure proper operation. Finally, we helped to correct the programming and calibration issues in the central sterile/decontamination/clean workroom.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building

Atlanta, Georgia
LEED NC v2.1 Gold
Size: 74,500 SF

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services and LEED Consulting during the renovation of this Historic Federal Building. Our team helped the project exceed its goal of LEED Silver and become the GSA’s first LEED Gold certified facility in the Sunbelt region. This project is unique due to the integration of new and old systems, while preserving the historical facade of the original building.


Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Atlanta, Georgia
Pursuing LEED Silver Certification
Size: 1.8 million SF

WorkingBuildings is performing commissioning services for this facility to ensure that the many complex systems interface and operate as intended. The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be a retractable-roof, multipurpose stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, that will serve as the home of the Atlanta Falcons. The facility will also serve as a major league soccer stadium and house entertainment, civic, cultural, and commercial events. There will be seating for approximately 70,000 people and the stadium will feature all accommodations necessary to operate a luxury sports arena.


National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Atlanta, Georgia
LEED NC v2.2 Gold
Size: 43,600 SF

WorkingBuildings provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning services for The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, a new museum building. The facility features both theatrical and interactive exhibits, as well as space for after-hours functions. The facility reached its goal of LEED Gold Certification.


National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association National Water Center

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Size: 65,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided total building commissioning services for this new facility. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association’s new National Water Center will be a hub of integrated water prediction and forecasting for the federal government. Located at the University of Alabama, this facility is the first ever clearing house for research and operational forecasting for all water-related matters. Beginning in the early stages of the design process, we worked in concert with the design/build team and NOAA to review and comment on the interior building systems, as well as the building enclosure components. This new collaborative center provides an unprecedented opportunity to improve federal coordination in the water sector to address future water resource challenges, such as water security, and analysis and prediction of hydrologic extremes, like droughts and floods.


Navistar Headquarters

Lisle, Illinois
Size: 1,200,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided retro-commissioning services for Navistar’s world headquarters. The systems investigated include HVAC, lighting controls, fire alarm, and emergency power. The work consisted of assessment, testing, and reporting on equipment condition and a master equipment list. Functional performance tests were performed to verify proper operation of mechanical and electrical systems. WorkingBuildings also performed test and balance activities to the existing air handler units to assess the state of the fan systems. The findings led to a full equipment replacement.


New Jersey Public Health Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory

Ewing, New Jersey
Size: 200,000 SF

WorkingBuildings was retained by the State of New Jersey to provide base-building commissioning services for the New Jersey Public Health, Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory. As the facility neared completion, the State of New Jersey asked WorkingBuildings to provide move coordination, turnover, and Operations and Maintenance.

WorkingBuildings is currently providing Operations and Maintenance for the facility and laboratories. We provide a full staff of building engineers to operate and maintain this facility. Our compliance personnel ensure that all medical surveillance and training is current. We also observe and verify that training is performed on all commissioned systems.

The building features a mechanical penthouse, administrative/office space, a BSL-2 laboratory with support services, a BSL-3 laboratories, and building support space.


New York City Public Health Laboratory

New York, New York
Size: 6,900 SF

WorkingBuildings is under contract to provide re-commissioning, re-verification, and decontamination services for the City of New York. This work includes air balancing of the supply and exhaust systems, testing of all HVAC equipment, and performing a review of architectural finishes in the space. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene BSL-3 laboratory is located within the New York DOH building. The laboratory requires annual operational re-verification to comply with CDC and WHO requirements.


Northside Hospital Pharmacies

Atlanta, Georgia
Size: Multiple Projects

Northside Hospital engaged WorkingBuildings to provide commissioning services, design reviews, root-cause analysis, and remedial design solutions for USP <797> compliant oncology compounding pharmacies at multiple clinic sites. The sites consisted of existing facilities and new construction. We also provided off-site monitoring, assisted with maintenance planning, and emergency response planning. Remedial design solutions included equipment modifications, control component and sequence changes, and installation inspections and corrective actions.

The Northside Hospital Healthcare System is a network of medical facilities in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia, region, comprising three acute-care hospitals and more than 120 outpatient facilities to provide a full range of medical services.


NOVA Center for Collaborative Research

Davie, Florida
LEED Silver
Size: 215,000 SF

WorkingBuildings developed a program to transition, manage, maintain and operate the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). The CCR is a six-story facility 215,000-square-foot building on the NSU main campus in Davie, FL. The facility provides research space for current NSU programs, as well as for technology and incubator partners.

WB oversees that the facility is kept operational in a cost-effective manner by performing tasks required to preserve buildings, grounds, utilities, systems, and equipment in their original condition or in such a condition that they can be used effectively for their intended purposes.


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

On the Atlanta PCOM campus, we manage the vivariums and medical programs. In addition to managing the regulatory compliance, recruiting facility staff, and overseeing animal care, our Director of Animal Research, John Duktig, is very involved in selecting vendors for comprehensive facilities maintenance such as pest control, janitorial services, trash removal and grounds maintenance. PCOM consults John on all decisions of this sort and routes invoices through him for approval prior to paying vendors.

WorkingBuildings is also engaged to provide alterations, renovations, repairs, and commissioning of program management for the main Philadelphia campus and will be involved in the design and operations for the new Suwanee, Georgia campus. WorkingBuildings commenced providing operations and maintenance services for this facility August 2011, and our management of the facility is ongoing.


Ponce City Market

Atlanta, Georgia
LEED Registered
Size: 2,000,000 SF

WorkingBuildings served as the sustainability consultant and commissioning authority for the adaptive reuse development of the former Sears Roebuck building, which has been renamed Ponce City Market. This project required the complete renovation of an Atlanta landmark. The updated building is now home to retail, dining, office, and residential spaces. The project set high sustainability goals for efficiency and waste while still preserving the historic nature of the building. WorkingBuildings is guiding the team through the LEED certification process for the core and shell building in pursuit of Silver Certification.


Rice University

Bioscience Research Collaborative
LEED CS v2 Gold & LEED CIv2 Silver
Size: 477,000 SF

This project began with a goal of SILVER certification. As the LEED Consultant we guided the project team to achieve GOLD certification with no added project cost. We subsequently guided Rice’s tenant build out to a SILVER certification remaining engaged with the project to its successful conclusion.

Brockman Hall for Physics
LEED NC v2.2 Gold
Size: 110,000 SF

WorkingBuildings was retained when the energy model failed to meet the minimum requirements. We took on the energy model scope as well as LEED consulting and commissioning. This project budgeted a goal of LEED NC Silver certification. With our assistance, this facility achieved LEED NC Gold certification on the same budget.


Rockefeller University Laboratory Animal Research Center

New York, New York
Size: 29,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided total building commissioning services for this facility, ensuring that the building functions at maximum operability and meets owner’s intent. The six-story LARC Annex building program includes offices, conference rooms, a training/break room with kitchenette for administrative functions associated with the management of vivarium operations, offices, work stations, and storage for research equipment. Research spaces, which include approximately forty-six (46) testing rooms, function as behavioral test rooms, procedure and/or holding rooms.


Technical College System of Georgia

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning, retro-commissioning, facility condition assessments, and energy survey services on several projects with the Technical College System of Georgia. Work performed on these projects included replacing over 260 dual duct terminal units, custom air- handling units, chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps, refurbishing the chillers and cooling towers, and total replacement of the Building Automation System; The new building automation system includes the latest technology wireless controls and integration of campus buildings.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College
Georgia Northwestern Technical College
Atlanta Technical College HVAC Renovation
West Georgia Technical College Classroom Building
Central Georgia Technical College Health Services Facility
North GA Technical College Parker Nellis Building Renovation


Tennessee Board of Regents IDIQ

Multiple Projects

Under an IDIQ contract, WorkingBuildings is provided commissioning, retro-commissioning, energy audits, and facility condition assessment services for numerous different facility types under the Tennessee Board of Regents IDIQ. Below is a selection of projects:

Brown Hall Infrastructure Replacement
East Tennessee State University College of Medicine Bldg. 119
Middle Tennessee State University Murphy Center HVAC
Motlow State Rutherford County Teaching Site
Nissan Education & Training Facility – Tennessee College of Applied Technology
Tennessee Technology Center – Tennessee College of Applied Technology
University of Memphis West Hall
University of Memphis West Hall HVAC Upgrade
University of Memphis New Student Housing
Volunteer State Community College


Terminus 200

Atlanta, Georgia
LEED CS v2 Gold
Size: 564,850 SF

Our involvement as the LEED consultant and commissioning authority began at the 90% construction document state. We helped the team determine the most cost-effective strategies to pursue to achieve an original project goal of CERTIFIED. Sustainable initiatives included construction materials purchased locally with a 20% recycled content and over 40% water use reduction through efficient fixture use. These initiatives, combined with our effort, earned the building all of its attempted points and a Gold certification in LEED Core and Shell rating system at no additional project cost.


The Fox Theatre

Atlanta, Georgia
Size: 250,000 SF

The Fox Theatre is an Atlanta landmark. The building is 250,000 square feet and consists of eight levels. The seating capacity of the main theatre is approximately 4,678 people. The original air conditioning system installed at the time of the building’s construction in 1929 was an ammonia-based refrigeration/air washer system and was replaced by the present centrifugal water chiller installed in 1946.

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services for the new 270-ton centrifugal, water-cooled chiller in the existing central cooling plant. Additionally, WorkingBuildings developed a strategic plan of action for achieving The Fox Theatre’s Sustainable Vision. The Fox team’s dedication to their role as stewards of the historic theatre and the environment compelled the team to assess existing practices


The Weather Channel

Atlanta, Georgia
Size: 12,500 SF

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services and LEED consulting for The Weather Channel Technology Core Improvements, Studio and Infrastructure Upgrades project. The project included a data center. The construction of the facility utilized materials containing recycled content as well as being able to recycle or divert from landfills 86% of construction waste. Water conservation methods included low flow and waterless fixtures throughout the building. Additionally, water storage was created to capture run-off, and the water is then used to irrigate the landscape around the facility.


Tift Regional Medical Center

Data Center
Tifton, Georgia
Size: 15,000 SF

The data center supports the storage of information technology such as Computerized Patient Order Entry. The facility feature offices, conference room, utility systems, and 4,300 square feet of raised floor for the servers.

Heart and Vascular Center Renovation
Tifton, Georgia
Size: 25,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services during the renovation of the Tift Regional Medical Center Hearth and Vascular Center. Our efforts were primarily focused on the commissioning of the HVAC system, which is underwent a complete overhaul.

Clinical Laboratory and Administrative Suite
Tifton, Georgia
Size: 23,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services for the expansion and renovation of the medical center, which afforded Tift Regional the opportunity to incorporate the latest technologies into their laboratory thereby expanding research capabilities.


Union Hospital

Terre Haute, Indiana
Size: 900,000 SF

Union Hospital, in Terre Haute, Indiana, is a 320-bed, full-service healthcare facility providing in-patient care. The original facility was built in the early 1950’s and through several expansions has grown to 1.2 million square feet. WorkingBuildings provided energy auditing and building forensic engineering to identify root-causes of several challenges the facility has been facing since their most recent expansion.

Completing meetings with facility operations staff, food service, staff, in- house contracting team, local design engineer, and campus building automation system provider helped identify underlying causes for issues. WorkingBuildings was able to provide solutions with corrective steps. Some corrected issues include large negative pressure in the Atrium of the recent expansion, chiller plant operational issues with a proprietary “black box” staging control system, and frequent low temperature safety switch air handler shutdowns.


University Health System

San Antonio, Texas
Size: 1,000,000 SF

WorkingBuildings is performing an assessment and overseeing the repair of several mechanical rooms on the University Health System campus in San Antonio. We are developing a pilot program working with the systems that serve the NICU. Our approach is to go through the entire facility, one mechanical room at a time. Our team is visually inspecting the mechanical room, noting deficiencies, functionally testing air-handling units and associated variable air volume units, and adjusting the controls sequences to meet the Owner’s requirements.


University of Florida Health Shands Hospital

Gainesville, Florida
Size: 512,000 SF

WorkingBuildings is providing commissioning services for the newest hospital at the Shands Campus. The Cardiovascular / Neuroscience Hospital represents the second phase of a master plan developed for the UF Health Shands South Campus. The new 512,000 SF facility will feature 204 private beds; an operating suite of 20 procedure rooms; a diagnostic imaging suite; clinics to support neurology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, and heart station; central energy plant expansion; campus infrastructure; parking garage; and a cafeteria. Many of the new hospital’s building systems will be integrated with existing systems.


University of Mississippi Medical Center

Jackson, Mississippi
Size: 124,850 SF

WorkingBuildings is providing commissioning and building envelope commissioning services for the new Translational Research Center facility. The new facility will enable the University to promote research and development through industry partnership, by establishing incubator space to further industry access to primary research activities at the University. The new facility features six floors of both wet and dry research space, including a core vivarium on the lower level, The laboratory is organized to provide maximum flexibility to address the ever changing applied research environment in the academic and business communities.


University of South Alabama Laboratory of Infectious Diseases

Mobile, Alabama
Size: 26,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided Owner’s representative services, SOP development, and commissioning services during the construction of University of South Alabama’s new Laboratory of Infectious Diseases. This facility will provide separate BSL-2 and BSL-3 research space, speeding the pace of research by creating space for both requirements. This laboratory will also serve as a new resource for the university research community through the inclusion of ABSL-3 space.


University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Biotechnology Development Complex, Phase 1
Dallas, Texas
Size: 107,000 SF

The university is marketing this facility to commercial research companies in partnership with the university research programs. The core and shell facility will be customized to suit the needs of the research companies. WorkingBuildings was retained to provide commissioning services for Phase I of the project. Systems and equipment commissioned include the mechanical systems, plumbing systems, electrical and lighting systems, and fire/safety systems.

North Campus, Phase 5
Dallas, Texas
LEED NC v2 Gold
Size: 328,398 SF

The first building of a new complex on open land adjacent to the current UTSWMC North Campus Biomedical Research Complex, this 12-story biomedical research tower includes 10 floors of biomedical research laboratories, vibration sensitive laboratories, academic space, and two levels of mixed support and mechanical services. Each typical lab floor can accommodate up to eight principal researchers and their staff. The modular design of the building and systems allow for easy conversion of the entire facility into research laboratories. The project includes a thermal energy plant renovation, vehicle and pedestrian bridges to connect new building to existing complex and site utilities.

Laboratory Research and Support Building
Dallas, Texas
Size: 20,000 SF

WorkingBuildings commissioned the renovation for the 4th floor of this multi-story research facility to incorporate ABSL-3 and BSL-3 laboratory spaces. These laboratories feature animal holding, watering and caging systems, and pass-through sterilizers.


William Eckhardt Research Center – University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois
LEED Registered
Size: 265,000 SF

WorkingBuildings provided fundamental and enhanced building commissioning services for the University of Chicago’s new William Eckhardt Research Center. The building houses the university’s Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, the Institute for Molecular Engineering, and the Dean’s Office of Physical Sciences. The research being conducted in the facility spans from the sub-molecular scale to the expanses of the universe.

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