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The WorkingBuildings Group of Companies is always on the lookout for dynamic employees. Our multi-disciplined approach requires us to have a diverse team from varied backgrounds. We employ engineers, architects, veterinarians, regulatory compliance personnel, laboratory technicians, program managers, energy managers, and operations teams. It is our employees—their input and perspective—that make us a successful solutions provider.

WorkingBuildings’ success is inextricably linked to the success of our employees. Individual development is critical to WorkingBuildings. We offer a rich work experience that provides challenges and rewards, and we encourage our employees to continue their education. It may be that an employee needs to refresh a particular knowledge base, or would like to veer off in an exciting direction to help WB tackle a new market sector—whatever the reason, we have found that keeping our employees engaged and aligning their personal goals with those of the company maximizes fulfillment.


Our employees’ overall well-being is important to us. We offer a competitive compensation package, which includes stellar health, vision, and dental insurance; company matching 401 (k) plans; vacation and sick leave; and more.


WorkingBuildings is committed to providing a quality workplace. We do not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, creed, nationality, age, sex, or sexual orientation. In fact, one of our core strengths as a professional service firm is the diversity and breadth of our experience. This philosophy extends into our employment practices and team relationships.


At WorkingBuildings, we want our work to have a positive impact on society. Our services improve the environments where ideas become scientific breakthroughs, and our commitment extends beyond the job site. WorkingBuildings is involved with the following charitable organizations: Robertson Clinical and Translational Cell Therapy Center Family Assistance Program and Pediatric Cord Blood / Bone Marrow Transplant Program; Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; Camp Kudzu; Curing Kids Cancer.

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